Evan is one the main characthers and is also one the four main atongonist throughout the series. He's the cause of the events of "The Cumualtive Effect". He was a former shot caller, drug associate, and emperor of the Allied Organizaton. He's often seen wearing a gray overcoat along with black wool gloves. He's considered cryptic, sinister and wicked. 

Personality Edit

Evan's shown to be staring, and sarcastic to his enemies, and threatning to his allies. He's very methodical and always processes plans out with a fine tooth comb. He's shown to not care on who's involved in his schemes and if they are harmed or not. Evan usually speaks in a low tone and hardly ever gets angry or upset.

Early LifeEdit

Evan had an older brother, Michael, who alway looked after him. During high school, Evan began to have a crush on gril named Daisy, and admired her from a far. In his junior year, Evan began to ponder up a plan to make both Daisy and him together. Evan recruited his brother to act upon the plan which he reluctantly agreed on.

Events Before Season 1Edit

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Ghost TaskEdit

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