Early Life== Leon had a toubled childhood. He live in a low class home with his mother and younger brother, Steven. Leon's father left his family when Leon was 12. When his father left, Leon spent his days in his room loathing. From this expierence, he began a search of finding respect and ingrity. He began to act as a father figure for his brother and tried to earn respect.

Relationship w. FatherEdit

After when Leon's father left his family. Leon grew distant from him. He grew to dispise him and show no respect for him. His father eventually became a weatlhy hedonist. Leon was never jealous of his father's wealth nor did he ever attempt for his his help.

Events Prior to Season 1Edit

School YearsEdit

During his school years, Leon meet his best friend Scott and his high school intrest Denise Showna. He eventually had influentual expierence when he meet a solidier. He soon discovered his passion and then became committed to physical and mental fittness. Eventually afterwards, Leon meet Samantha, a sophisticated intellectual and Carter, a goofy awkward being. When high ended then became more committed to Denise and grew closer in his friendship with both Scott and Carter.

Army YearsEdit

After high school, Leon immediatly joined the army along with his friend, Scott.  Leon was extremely anxious of boot came but was ready. During this time, Leon had a photograph of his mother, brother and girlfriend.