Scott is one of the main character and one of the protagonists of the series. He's caring individual who oftens puts himself to others. 


Scott is a laid back person who is a constant worrier. Scott has a vast amount of devotion for loyalty and trust. He's a philanthropist, and always tries to be a good role model to everybody. Like Leon he also has trouble letting go of the past, but his problems are of the mistakes he has made.

Events Before Season 1Edit

Scott meets Leon during his years of high school after a minor physical fight, against him and another student. Scott admired Leon's boldness and befriended him after the confrontation. After high school, Scott joins the army along with Leon. In the army, Scott learned the value of being a hero, and tried to become an over achiever. 

During the army, Scott meets a girl named Brianna, a gregarious tomboy, who he later became close with. In  "A Warm Welcome", Scott tells Rebecca that Brianna was taken as prisoner of war and was raped. He then explained that Brianna would then commit suicide a few days later. After the incident Scott promised himself to leap to a woman's aid.

In a flashbrack scene from "Piliot", Scott was ambushed by a few radical rebals, during his patrol. He luckily survived the attack, and along with a few other solidier which included Leon, Brianna and Brandon, a private, secured themselves from harm in an alleyway. Scott then attempts to continue running through the alley, but was pulled back by Leon who saw in the corner of his eye a sniper aimed at Scott. Scott immediately thanked Leon. Leon then give Scott his sniper rifle and told him to aim at the enemy sniper as he runs by as a diversion. 

Back at home, Scott becomes friendly with a nieghbor, Thomas, a senior in high school who a target for bullies. Since was Scott influenced by Leon's heroic attitude , he decided to take Thomas as his mentor. Thomas eventully aspired to apart of the army and then joined after graduation.

Season OneEdit