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Important CharactersEdit

The following listed are the characters who are all related with the  primary storyline.

  1. Leon 
  2. Scott 
  3. Rebecca 
  4. Willard Chase
  5. Samantha 
  6. Evan 
  7. Dante 
  8. Carter 
  • Leon's involved because he's the key goal that Evan want.
  • Scott's involved because he pursures to find the reason why this is all happening.
  • Rebecca's involved because she's a spy who's aiding Evan
  • Chase is involved because asigned the case of Carter's incident.
  • Samantha becomes involved in finding out the key goal
  • Evan plans the whole thing.
  • Dante attempts to rebel against the gang he's apart of.
  • Carter's incident was the trigger.

What Happens in the character's storyline.Edit

Leon Edit

Important Characters he's associated with:

  • Scott
  • Chase
  • Evan
  • Carter

Important Characters' storylines that he's involved in

  • Scott's
  • Evan's
  • Chase's
  • Dante's
  1. Is accused of being associated w. Carter's incident. (Willard Chase) (Ep1)
  2. Hospital assisnaton (Carter; Evan) 
    • Has to stop his brother from pursuing a robbery. (Later Episode; Chase) 
  3. Having a POW
  4. Losing his identity from Angel
    • Encounter a hermit 
  5. Recurring dreams of Denise
  • Causes arguments with Scott.
  • Leads him to meet Alexis
  • Prevents him from helping Samantha find the key figure

  1. Meets Alexis (Carter)
  • Uses her unintenionatly to help with the case.
  • Cause a fight (Later resolved in Season 2)


Associated w.

  • Chase
  • Evan
  • Leon
  • Carter
  • Rebecca

Storylines he's involved in

  • Rebecca's
  • Leon's
  1. Carter's Incident 
  2. Relationship w. Rebecca
  3. Being Drugged
  4. Having a POW
  5. Michelle's Drug Addiction
  6. Confrontation w. Leon