Willard Chase was a dectictive who was originally assigned to investigate Carter's coma incident. Eventually, it led him to investigating Leon and his connection w. the Aligned Association.  


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Events during the "Cumulative Effect"Edit

Carter's Coma IncidentEdit

When Carter was found in a coma, the local athorities of Canvile assigned Chase the case. Chase then went to Saint Mary's Hospital and met w. Leon and Scott outside of Carter's hospital room. Chase asked Leon if he can ask him a few question which Leon agrees on. During the interview, Chase grew curious on how come Carter was assaulted the day after Scott and Leon's return. Leon grew irritated and then left, yet Chase was convinced that Leon was involved in someway.

A few days later, Chase meets with Scott at the local police station, who came by to clear Leon's name and also tell him information about a gang.  Chase tells Scott he'd look into it and then enventually decides to question Scott about Leon, and attempts to turn Scott away from Leon. Scott angerly leaves the police station. A few momments later, Chase comes by with both Leon's and Scott's military record.

After the encounter with Scott at the police station, Chase gets a call from Scott to meet with him at the Earning Wood Park. When Chase goes, he sees Scott with a drug dealer and realizes he was used to help get the dealer arrested. Later that day back at the station, Chase talks with Leon about the dealer. Leon tells Chase that the coma incident is just the icing to a bigger plan. Chase replies that Leon's correct but he's the center of it. He then tells Leon that he'll be watching him later and that he'll find out more on what's going on.

Investigation on LeonEdit

In "Warm Welcome", Chase visits Leon when he stayed at St. Mary's Hospital to watch over Carter, after the shooting in "In Time & In Health". Chase stated that he went to check up on Carter, but then eventually ask Leon if he'd knew anything about the shooting. Leon deny that he had any contact, which Chase doesn't believe. Chase then states that time will what will happen. As he leaves, Chase encounters Rebecca, who's accompined w. Scott. Chase then grows suspisious. Later in, "In Time & In Health", Chase recieves a call of a kidnappiing in a apartment building to see that the person was kidnapped was Rebecca.